Jump Theory

Alien Rope (Free Shipping)


Have you ever explored the parts of you that hide in shadows; in pursuit of understanding who you truly are?

Ancient Greeks lived by a maxim: Gnothi seauton. Translated to English, this well-known quote from Socrates means, “know thyself.” 

To “know thyself” is to gain wisdom about our individual human experience: to peer deeply into the corners of our psyche and discover what is alien within ourselves.  We illuminate those parts of our character that feel unfamiliar and embrace them. 

While this process in itself is alien — uncomfortable and, perhaps at times disturbing — it leads us to our most confident selves. First, we take small steps. Then, we learn to jump — and, by jumping courageously into the unknown, we reveal our Inner Alien.

Measure, calibrate, and refine who you are. Get comfortable with your Alien — grab a rope and know thyself!

Stoic beads: Extra thick and reinforced to last a lifetime — they get better with age. 

Extra thick core, highly durable, and longest-lasting rope made to date. The thick rope keeps form so there are fewer trip-ups and effortless skipping.

Shatterproof handles!

Wrapped grip builds in comfort to provide a soft, non-slip, feel that brings agility for longer training sessions.


Set includes:

  • Premium Wrapped Handles
  • Thick Alien Core
  • Stoic Beads,
  • Adjustable in Length
  • Jump Theory Sticker



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