Jump Theory

Techne Flex-Stack (Great for all skill levels)


The best shape of your life: Jump In!

With Techne Flex-Stack you can turn 20 minutes of spare time a day into intense workouts that will transform the way you look. Just remember—each jump counts.

Burn Calories while having Fun
The complete set comes with two different types of ropes, pre-wrapped long handles, and stoic beads with a flex rope core. Unlike traditional cardio styles, jump rope is easy, beginner-friendly, and fun. That, paired with the performance-friendly design of the Techne jump rope, makes your jump rope workouts truly fun and enjoyable.

Do it while you’re watching your favorite series, listening to a podcast, or as a little off-screen break during your workday at home—and burn up to 1000 calories every hour while having fun!

Comfortable and Addictive
The handmade design features custom wrapped shatter-proof handles and extra thick beads. This makes for a truly smooth jumping experience that feels effortless and easy. The rugged design allows you to use it at home or even outdoors, without worrying about your ropes tearing or breaking apart. This is a true all-weather rope!!

Soft, non-slip, and agile, you’ll find yourself addicted to the Techne jump rope—and your body & mind will thank you for it.

Get into your Flow
“Progress is not achieved by luck or accident, but by working on yourself daily.” Epictetus

Rope jumping is a true stoic workout—it’s simple, requires minimal movement, and can be done anywhere. The repetitive motions help build neuromuscular growth, fluid agility, and Zen-like focus. Once you get the hang of it, it feels less like a workout and more like meditation.
Set includes:
  • Techne Capsule
  • Techne Mid-sized Wrapped Handles
  • PVC
  • Stoic Beads With Flex Core

Resizing the rope!




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