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Rainbow Flow (Out of Stock!)

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Why Pride?!

Stoic beads: Extra thick and reinforced to last a lifetime–they get better with age. 

Extra thick core and rainbow in color, highly durable, and longest-lasting rope made to date. The thick rope keeps form so there are fewer trip-ups and effortless skipping.

Shatterproof handles!

Wrapped grip builds in comfort to provide a soft, non-slip, feel that brings agility for longer training sessions.

We shine who we are through the core, not just external facilities. So, we designed a jump rope that illuminates just that: to shine through from our inside as a reminder to look beyond the physical and to love people because they are People and people’s differences are what define how special they are. 

Jump Theory’s mission is to personify how difference brings us together. Jump into your own theory. There are no rules. A segmented jump rope captures how each segment is different, how they work together, stay connected, and help keep the rope inflow. This shines through in the jump rope community as there are so many different types and styles of jumpers. Some technical, some flowy, some acrobats, some advanced, and some beginners. We all work together to provide positive reinforcement no matter our predispositions so please share and participate.


Set includes:

  • Premium Wrapped Handles
  • Thick Core Rainbow Core
  • Stoic Beads,
  • Adjustable in Length
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