How Long Should My Jump Rope Be?

A lot of new jumpers have questions about how long their rope should be. The default answer is "to your armpits." However,  the "right" way for some isn't the same for others and I encourage you to experiment to find your "right" way. 

Style over Form

Build your own style, that's what JumpRopeJimmy did. For instance, Jimmy shortens his rope, because he loves speed, MICs and using a jumprope as tool to personify his style, aesthetic, and personality into what he represents in the world of jumping rope. I encourage the F out of that! I change my rope length depending on the types of tricks I am working on. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. 

Form over style

World champion jump ropers became world champions because their focus was on their form, not necessarily their style. In fact, some would argue that style comes as a byproduct of personality which shines through as we develop better form. This includes learning how to jump and do tricks with short handles (not long handles), learning tricks and movements forwards, backwards, right, left, and inverse. 

Jump Theory's Perspective

Just Jump! Sometimes the rope is too short, sometimes the rope is too long; Jump Theory believes in providing the rope for each jumper's individual journey. Remember that there isn't a right or wrong way, there is just feedback. Follow your feedback and be kind to yourself as you grow. Have fun, and jump on! 

would love to hear your opinions and experiences below. Please comment, share, and engage with Jump Theory and other jumpers of the world.


Here is a general guide to help as well.



Length of Rope

4ft - 4'9


4'10 - 5'3


5' 4 - 5'11


6' 0 - 6'4


6' 4" 



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