Should I Use Long or Short Handles?

Another question that comes up a lot is to use short handles or long handles. The short answer here is "use short handles."


When you use short handles you learn how to jump and do tricks in the most minimal way. Which means that you'll develop a firm foundation on how to maneuver the rope as your skill increases. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't experiment, it just means that when you experiment make sure to build on your foundation. 

In addition, when you learn with short handles by default, you can complete whatever you are working on with long handles, too. Because you've developed the skill with minimal way, you'll notice long handles are much more forgiving because there is more space to work with.

For example, some people have a broader upper-body and doing tricks like the TS or behind the back cross is easier done with longer handles. The longer handles provide more clearance for the rope to swing by without as much effort on the muscles. My suggestion would be to take what you learned from doing the TS with long handles and apply what works to learning it with short handles. Both ways are going to contribute to your overall style, and you'll feel more accomplished as a jumper. 

Being able to complete a new trick or movement is something to be celebrated. So celebrate! and learn tricks and new movements with long and short handles. Just remember that different handles are like different perspectives, and the difference in perspectives allows us to see the similarity as well.

I would love to hear your opinions and experiences below. Please comment, share, and engage with Jump Theory and other jumpers of the world.

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